Our Story

My mother, Rose, was known throughout our neighborhood for her delicious desserts – her cakes, puddings and pies, and for her cupcakes, too. She made everything the old-fashioned way – from scratch – not from ready-made mixes in a box.

Many of my fondest memories and much of the fun came from the measuring, sifting and mixing and the peeling, cutting and combining – and, of course, most of all from the tasting!

Rose instilled in my three sisters (Roberta, Joanie and Anne) and me her love for baking and cooking. And to this day, we still share our cooking tips and recipes with one another.

After completing culinary school, I worked in a number of hotels and restaurants and later served as an executive chef for several years. Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe stems from my long, abiding desire to return to my roots, to recapture the passion, the art, and the purity of ingredients and deliciousness of authentic homemade baking done the old-fashioned way.

Although my mother, Rose, has recently passed away, her presence and influence are deeply felt and still very much alive and cooking at Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe.

- Sandy Russo, Founder & Owner