"I had a heart cookie and the Almond Joy cupcake. Both were delicious but I have to mention the cupcake was moist and heavenly. It is a cute little shop in the North End. I came here with a group of my friends. One of the customers suggested I should try the Almond Joy cupcake. I am glad I listened to her...because it was perfection!"

- Rebecca V

What a great little shop! The cupcake selection is AMAZING! I have never seen such an offering of flavors in one place before, and that's saying a lot, as I live not far from the cupcake obsessed Brooklyn, NY.
Choosing a flavor was difficult! Did I want pistachio? Gingerbread? S'mores? Red velvet? Chocolate peanut butter? The possibilities were endless and honestly...I wanted them all!
We settled on chocolate peanut butter. We split it and it was seriously divine. The frosting was perfect, the cake was perfect. There wasn't one part that I liked more than the other because it was all sooooo gooddddd. I had to fight with myself not to go back in and buy a second cupcake. I wish we hadn't split. Heehee.
The best thing about this cupcake, besides it being obscenely delicious is that it was interesting. The cake part was marbeled- chocolate and peanut butter. The icing-y icing part was peanut butter, but then there was a delicious, soft, thin sheet of chocolate on top of that. Mmmmm.
There were other baked goods here too, such as cookies and there was a small selection of candies- gummies, sour candies, etc. The girl behind the counter was super friendly and nice.
If you're in the area, definitely check this place out!"

- Stephanie V